Transport and Mobility Engineering

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Planning transport systems, managing mobility, structuring work, thinking globally.

We have considerable experience drawing up traffic modelling, as well as sustainable urban mobility plans.

Just Solutions uses a comprehensive approach when it plans a city’s mobility, taking into consideration all the different factors. These factors include the various means of transport, both private and public, walking distance, the use of a bicycle and parking. we give special consideration to the most vulnerable users of roads and highways, (pedestrians and cyclists) when conducting a mobility study. Using a non-motorized means of transport, which is safe, sustainable and efficient, represents the majority of the trips which take place in the city. We analyze, plan, and design the city and inter-city public transportation network to serve the potential demands and to provide optimum conditions for bus stop and bus station access.

The services we offer in this area

  • Traffic modeling
  • Sustainable urban mobility plans

Our references in Transport and Mobility Engineering