Hydrological and Hydraulic Engineering

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Floods are the natural disasters with the greatest socio-economic impact, and as recognized by the new regulation of the Public Hydraulic Domain, they are “one of the fundamental aspects that every modern country must manage.”

Thus, flood risk management has become a subject of great interest, which is generating extensive scientific production and is driving an important job market.

In addition, with the new European legislation and with the aforementioned new DPH regulation, the delimitation studies of the DPH and the floodplain have added components that do so:

  • more multidisciplinary
  • closer to reality
  • more respectful of the river ecology

Nowadays, awareness of this risk has been noted and in every urban planning process the need to delimit the areas affected by the streams intercepted by these developments for planning purposes comes into consideration by government and urban planners.

Services we offer in this area:

  • Flood studies
  • Studies of raft and dam breakage. Dam emergency plans.
  • Delimitation of riverbed areas for management purposes.
  • Design of defense measures against floods.
  • Rainwater networks.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Our references for Hydrological and Hydraulic Engineering